Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blogging Sarah's birthday 5

7:06 p.m.

Sarah and I sat on the swing in front of our house, ate more of the dessert from this mornings party, watched the birds and dandelions, and talked.

We're waiting for our daughter, Heidi, and her husband, Woju, to arrive from St. Louis for a birthday supper. They should be arriving in half an hour.

Thirty-one years ago when Sarah and I celebrated her 22nd birthday we were about to be married. Mostly I was thinking about how wonderful it was going to be to be in bed together.
But there have been lots of other wonderful things about Sarah that I never could have imagined when we were 22. Let me count seven.

One, in 1993 I finished the first draft of a long-dreamed of novel, Jonas and Sally. Sarah was the first person to read it and critique it. She proved to be a great editor. After she critiqued it, I re-wrote it and when it was accepted for publication by Good Books they had to do little editing.

Two, she is an astute reader of people. As a pastoral elder at Plow Creek I have discussed many pastoral situations that I have faced over the years and benefitted greatly from her ability to read people.

Three, while before we married both of said we thought we'd be good parents, I never realized what a joy it would be to watch her mother our children. Our three children who live in three different states all love to talk to her on the phone. I love hearing the life in her voice as she talks to them.

Four, she's a diplomat. Being the spouse of a pastor is not an easy role since pastors are subject to attacks and challenges like other leaders. Sarah loves the people of Plow Creek as much as I do and is gentle with my critics. I trust her and so do the people of Plow Creek. That's high praise.

Five, she loves to go on dates and second honeymoons with me. In fact, she was the one who suggested we go on dates every other week when our children were little. Talk about a great idea. We still go on dates and this week one of the workers at Taco Bell in Princeton, a place we have had many dates over the years, referred to us as newly weds. That's a high compliment. I never knew old folks could have so much fun being married.

Six, she has taught me that's a joy to love her by washing the dishes and she's invited me to wash them right now.

Seven, about those second honeymoons. Our kids know it's a joy for us and they often give us gifts of money for second honeymoons for birthdays and anniversaries.

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