Sunday, June 19, 2005

The world according to Gordon Foss

I first did this post for Father's Day 2005. I keep adding quotes from my Dad:

When you get to be my age you brag it because you’re still kicking
--at age 82

Mama picked herself out an outfit for the anniversary deal.
--On a trip he and my mother had taken to Thief River Falls, MN in preparation for the 60th wedding anniversary celebration coming up June 25.

The Lord gives you wisdom so you can't believe what you've done.
--On his confidence in working out the technical details as he builds a diamond willow bed frame as part of a craft business he launched at age 80.

You get a lot of compliments and that spruces you up even if you don't make a lot of sales.
--On how he enjoys working at craft shows as part of Foss Diamond Willows.

I love you, Dad.