Thursday, February 24, 2005

In search of good questions

As I'm working on EGL's Listening Path Workshop curriculum I've begun keeping a lookout for good questions.

In the Jan./Feb. issue of Business 2.0 Fujo Cho, president of Toyota says, "At Toyota we start with two questions: 'Where are we wasting resources like time, people, and materials?' and 'How can we be less wasteful?'" (p.72)

Starting with those two questions has had a powerful affect on Toyota. They recently passed Ford to become the #2 automaker worldwide.

On Tuesday I had lunch with Wayne Hochstetler, the Illinois Mennonite conference minister. He said, "My definition of spiritual oversight is reminding people of the mission and purpose of their church and then asking, 'How does this activity fit with our mission?'"

That's a great question for any leader.

Later on Tuesday I met with Stephanie Grimes, the Director of Adult Services for Gateway Services, an organization that provides services to people with developmental disabilties. Stephanie is helping develop the EGL workshop curriculum and preparing to co-teach EGL workshops. I'm helping her apply EGL concepts in preparation for teaching.

I gave her an assignment: Create two questions that will help Gateway staff focus on carrying out Gateway's mission. I'll be interested to see the questions she comes up with I meet with her next Tuesday.