Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm back

I'm back from a three week vacation and excited to be growing Evergreen Leaders again.

Three weeks away has given me time to reflect on the broad picture and make course corrections. I've decided to create a new category of posts, CEO notes, to include more about my work with Evergreen Leaders. I'm not abandoning posting about each of the 7 paths; I'm simply making a commitment to write more based on who I am and the day-to-day challenges of launching a nonprofit start-up.

Before I went on vacation I made a presentation to the board of a potential client that wants to do a capital campaign to launch a theater conservatory. I'm excited about the possibility of serving as the campaign consultant and at the same time keeping my hopes in check.

When I launched EGL, I did not know I would spend as much time marketing and fund raising as I am. I also did not know I would spend as much time as I have on the wilderness path trying to discover what treasure nonprofits need that we can offer.

The board and I started out conceiving of EGL as a leadership training organization. As we worked with nonprofits we've discovered they are much more eager to pay for fund raising consulting with its immediate promise of increased income. Leadership coaching and training have a long payoff. I haven't given up the leadership training but we're taking a longer route to get there. More later on the longer route.

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