Friday, March 25, 2005

Friends with rich Joes

I admire Jesus of Nazareth's ability to relate to relate to all strata in his society: priests and prostitutes; Roman commanders and naked guys living in a graveyard; working class disciples and a rich guy like Joseph of Aramathea.

The gospels say only two things about Joe of Aramathea--he was rich and a disciple of Jesus.

While the working class disciples were cowering in the face of the death of Jesus their leader, Joe, the rich guy who was used to dealing with Romans, went to Pilate and got permission to give Jesus a proper burial.

Those of us who are part of the communal life at Plow Creek don't exactly take a vow of poverty but we aim for simple living. And all the property that can be titled--land, cars, etc.--is owned by PCF, Inc. As long as we are part of PCF we will not be rich in property but we can be rich in relationships, spiritual life, and good work.

Some folks might think a communal life is a sheltered life but my goal is to be like Jesus--to relate to as many strata of society as possible from poor campesinos from El Salvador to rich Joe's.