Sunday, March 13, 2005

Biblical basis for social security

Today at Plow Creek we were studying a passage where Paul is raising money for the poor Christians in Jerusalem (II Corinthians 8). In verse 13 Paul assures the Corinthians that he is not trying to make them had pressed, while relieving others. He is looking for equality.

In verse 14 he says that the Corinthians plenty can supply the needs of others and later the plenty of others can supply their needs.

Jim Foxvog, one of our members, pointed out that the USA social security system currently works on that model. Those of us who are younger and working now pay into the social scurity system and it immediately goes to provide for the current needs of retirees.

He also pointed out that Bush's proposed private accounts seek to move away from providing for the immediate needs of others and, instead, proposes that you squirrel away money in the stock market so that you can take care of yourself later.

I think I like Paul's model better: care for others now while you have plenty and expect to be cared for yourself later when you are in need.