Wednesday, June 01, 2005

In praise of good helpers

Last Thursday I got caught in a whirlwind that I'm not ready to blog about. Perhaps later.

But now I have a power of praise story.

Last Wednesday I finished the Encouraging Path workshop at 3:00 for fifteen people from Gateway Services. I spend part of the workshop teaching about how praise helps groups thrive and then teach seven different ways you can use praise.

On the way home three Plow Creek boys came running up, wanting a ride on my wheelchair. I divided the ride home into three stages and each lad rode a third of the way with me.

They hung around our garage while I loaded my wheelchair into my van. When I load my wheelchair I roll a rug van over the van's bumper to protect it. After I loaded the wheelchair four year-old Chris reached over and rolled up the rug and stored it in the van.

"Thank you, Chris, that was very helpful." I said, suprised because Chris usually has his head down as he charges from one activity to the next. "Chris, you are a good helper, " I added.

"I'm a good helper," he announced with pleasure.

"I'm a good helper too," said Zach, his six-year old brother. "I help my parents carrry in groceries from the car."

"Yes, Zach, you are a good helper," I said. "when you help your parents carry in the groceries."

"I'm a good helper too," said five year-old Gabrian. "I help my parents carry in things from the car."

"Yes, Gabrian," I said, "you are a good helper when you carry in stuff from the car for your Mom and Dad. You are all good helpers."