Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Do I really need this computer?

In 1980 Elaine Bailey desperately needed a job that paid more than a special education teachers salary.

She took a job selling Texas Instruments Model 990 computers to small businesses in lower Michigan.

After a lot of hard work she was thrilled to make her first sale. As the small businessman finished writing out his check he looked at her and said, "Elaine, tell me. Do I really need this?"

Her heart sank but she told him the truth. He didn't need it.

Back at the office her boss called her in and she knew she was going to be fired.

Just then the small businessman who didn't need a computer called and said. "Elaine, I told everybody in Milan that if they really needed a computer, you'd tell them the truth. I've lined you up for meetings at my office. Could you show up?"

She went to the meetings and returned with orders for nine computers.

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