Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blogging Sarah's birthday 1

7:30 a.m.

Fifty-three years ago the love of my life was born an orphan. Her father, Ralph Larson, a General Conference Baptiptist missionary in Ethiopia, had been shot and killed five months and three days earlier.

What a sad beginning to life but how glad I am she lives.

Today I am going to blog her birthday like I blogged my birthday last September 30.

In a few minutes friends from Plow Creek are going to gather at our house for a surprise brithday party. Am I nuts? Sarah is not a morning person. Most likely she'll still be sleeping? I am a little nuts and crazy in love. So hopefully after the shock of waking up to a whole lot of people in the living room singing happy birthday, she'll enjoy the attention. A little bit, any way....

Boo Graham has made two ice cream and oreo cookie cakes which we will all enjoy for breakfast. Did I say I am little crazy? I did have her add bananas to the recipe so that the cake will have fruit, nuts, wheat (there must be some wheat in Oreos) and dairy products. Sounds like a balanced breakfast to me. At least for once in a year....

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