Monday, February 05, 2007

Getting back on the treasure path

Every nonprofit starts based on a mission--who the npo is going to serve and what the transformed lives of those served look like--deep values, and the founding stories of the organization. I call these the markers for the organizations treasure path.

Usually the mission, the values, and the founding story is clear at the beginning. But over time as the organization sets up systems, struggles with changes in the environment and its clientele, and as the npo ages new and often conflicting stories emerge.

Appreciative inquiry can be helpful in getting the organization back on track. Mark Lau Branson has a very helpful summary of AI, "Ten Assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry" in the most recent issue of Alban Weekly. While the article is aimed at an audience of church leaders it's equally applicable to other nonprofits.

Appreciative Inquiry is a good way to help your organization get back on its treasure path.

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