Monday, July 04, 2005

What Sarah thinks about my musing on sex and trust

Note before I wander back to thinking about trust: This is my 100th post. For those of you reading this at Thriving Groups you can see the complete archives at Rich Remarks, a dulicate of Thriving Groups.

You may wonder what Sarah, my beloved, thinks of my recent posts on sex and trust. When I wrote the line at the end of my last post--"Now here's a man I can trust"--I kind of gulped and wondered the same thing.

As Sarah has been known to say, "I am the most open person in the world she knows."

Earlier in our vacation I had told her I was blogging about sex and trust but she hadn't read them. She's not the writer in the family and finds other parts of life more enjoyable than spending much time on the internet.

After the last post I printed out the last five entries. When I gave them to her I assured her that I could go back and edit them if need be.

"You mean the whole world hasn't seen them already."

"Not the whole world. A few people probably have but I can make any changes you deem necessary and that's how they'll be from now on."

Ah, what a relief. She deemed them good. I still have her trust even as I wander along thinking about sex and trust.

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