Sunday, February 20, 2005

Five Random Thoughts

(1) On Sunday afternoons I have office hours from 1:00 to 2:30 for folks from Plow Creek. No one has come this afternoon so it seems like a great time to do a quick blog.

(2) On Friday night and Saturday I did the Evergreen Leaders workshop--The Encouraging Path--for a group of interns from Reba Place Fellowship. In the afternoon I had the group wander outside on an adventure in beauty, paying attention to how beauty is a natural encourager. Each week I e-mail a letter to Plow Creek folks and then the Plow Creek webmaster posts the letters on the Plow Creek site. This week's letter, called An adventure in beauty, should be posted on the site today or tomorrow if you'd like to check out the beauty I discovered on my adventure.

(3) Kate, who lives up stairs in an apartment, just came down to do the laundry which is located outside my office. I love moments with Bill or Kate when they come down to do their wash. Sometimes 18-month-old Isa will come down too. Then I get to smile at her. Communities are built in little moments together.

(4) Sarah's mother is here for the weekend from Minnesota. She and I both like coffee in the mroning so I have the honor of grinding coffee in the morning, making a fresh brew, and drinking it with her. Families are built on little moments together.

(5) In my office, on the cupboard above my computer, I have a photo that I clipped out of a magazine years ago. The photo consists of an adult's upturned palm with sunflower and other seeds in the palm. A small bird is perched on the tip of the pointing finger. This photo reminds me that trust is good.

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